Frequently asked questions

Question: How long will the fumigation take?

Answer: Fumigations generally take two nights. For example, we would tent on Monday and remove the tent on Wednesday.

Question: Does my house have to be fumigated?

Answer: Not necessarily. Our licensed inspector will determine wether you need fumigation or a localized treatment.

Question: What is the difference between fumigation and localized treatment?

Answer: With fumigation, we tent your house and gas the contents. You have to vacate your home for two nights during this process. With localized treatment we will either spray, use an injection or foam method depending on your particular situation.

Question: How long is the warranty?

Answer: We guarantee our fumigations and localized treatment up to two years.

Question: When I have my home fumigated, what do I need to do?

Answer: All food which includes cupboards, freezer and refrigerator need to be sealed in the fumigation bags that we provide. Items such as sealed canned goods and bottles do not need to be bagged.

Should you have any other questions, please give us as call at 562-494-7749.