Free Termite Inspection

Euro Termite Control offers free termite inspections by any of our state registered, fully licensed operators for customers with homes, condos, mobile homes, apartments, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and complexes, motorhomes and boats.

We determine the best termite treatment or repair for the termite damage. We cover all types of construction and repairs as well as fumigations, local treatments and foam applications. All repair work is done by our professional in-house technicians and is guaranteed for one year. Should you need a fumigation, we guarantee all of our fumigations for a minimum of two years. You can read up on what to expect for a fumigation on our FAQ page.

We are a licensed termite company that is also bonded and insured. State Lic. #PR3542.

Call now to set up your free termite inspection at your earliest convenience. 562-494-7749.